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One of the easiest ways to find that new job is to head to the local job centre and see what job vacancies they have available at the job centre. If it’s been years since you last visited a job centre you might be in for a few surprises.

There are still the old familiar job boards but now you’re more than likely to be met with a spacious and modern job-seeking area complete with a number of computers that can help you find what you’re looking for.

Even if IT and computers are not your strong points, you’ll be able to make the most of these touch screen computers to look for work and apply for jobs, which will do all the hard work for you. You simply touch a map to decide on the area in which you’d like to work and then touch the screen to select the kind of jobs you’re interested in.

Once you find a job that meets your work requirements simply press “print” and a slip of paper should print out. Take this to the nearest desk clerk and they’ll be able to give you more information about the job and required skills.

Of course, the job centre isn’t just about finding a job vacancy you feel you can apply for. At the job centre you’ll be able to find out about training opportunities and ways in which you can gain confidence and access job search help. It’s also a good place to get more information about other jobs where you could utilise your skills if you’re thinking of changing your career.