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Career Options

If you long for a career change, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Whether you long to get a job in IT or fancy a job in the caring profession such as nursing there’s lots of options to choose from.

In the past people’s careers were defined by their first job, often staying with the company that first employed them until they retired. These days people tend to have what’s known as a “career portfolio”, with at least five jobs that have allowed the individual to use and develop their skills in a number of, sometimes unrelated, roles. So more now than before you will hear about people began their career as an IT professional and ended their career as an electrician.

When it comes to your career you should always keep your options open. Don’t forget many professions require similar skills like teamwork, initiative and language skills, so although you may lack specific experience, you’re likely to have the right skills for any number of job vacancies.

For those who have always longed for a career change it makes sense to update your skills. This can be done either with on the job training or via a recruitment agency in your area that may be able to offer a new perspective on your existing skills and offer you the chance to make your skills work in a new career.